Wanted: Book Review Requests!

As you all know, I love reading books and reviewing them. It is initially why I started this blog. I noticed lately, however, that my reading lists on tumblr don't have any books to read. Since I’m not necessarily reading many fiction books at the moment, I’ve decided to let all of you request a …

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Stratford Festival’s “Macbeth” Review

So, this review is obviously a bit different than usual. Usually I write up book reviews, not reviews for plays. However, I recently saw the Stratford Festival’s production of the Shakespearean play “Macbeth” and I believe it was worth a review, so here it is! This rendition of “Macbeth” takes on a much traditional look, …

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When you can’t find books that you’re interested in reading

I'm sure we all have this problem. I know I really do. When you can't find books that you're interested in reading, well, it sucks. So, I thought I'd try my best to give some advice as of what to do when you can't find anything you're interested in reading. 1. Investigate your own bookshelves. Maybe …

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